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TOPIC: New member from NSW. Plenty of questions to ask.

New member from NSW. Plenty of questions to ask. 1 year 3 months ago #84223

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Hey Mudgy,

Don't stress about stirring the pot- that's usually accomplished by me!
I usually believe that an open forum is about an open exchange of ideas and opinions, and therefore I often manage to upset some of the hohe pferde.... :P
I have to agree with Mr PT, the earlier models are my favorite (Just expressing my opinion, not slinging mud at anyone ;) ).
Let's face it, half the car is plastic (inside & out), so the more aesthetically pleasing one has to be one's choice, or not?
The later models did tend to have more electronic problems than the earlier models (probably because they had more electronics on board).
Generally speaking though they are about the same.
The earlier models did have a nice feature where you can self diagnose any fault codes without the need for a code reader.
The 2.0 litre has only 1kW of power less than the 2.4, but the automatic does tend to devour a lot of the horses going into the tranny. The 5 speed manual is my personal favorite.

Inherent problems.......
The rubber bushes inside the ends of the gear shift linkage cables wear reasonably quickly (100K), but quality neoprene replacements are cost effectively available ex US.
The rear rubber mount in the lower control arm tends to wear and need replacing after about 150K.
Timing belt must be replaced by 160K and can be costly, depending on the choice of mechanic.
Engine torque struts (upper and lower engine mounts on driver's side last for about 250-300K, but are not expensive and are easy to replace.

As far as I know (after 415K), that's about It.
Of course there's always sensors from the OBD system that occasionally fail, but that's normal in all post 2000 model cars, regardless of the of the manufacturer.

Any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
I also know of a good one for sale in Albury.


P.S. I love your projects, thanks for sharing them.
Steve & Moni & her Bat-Cruiser
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New member from NSW. Plenty of questions to ask. 1 year 2 months ago #84233

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Thanks very much.

Haven't done any real homework on PT's as yet. Just a skim on the outer, really.
I'm keen to check them out, as they resemble my 81 YO project. Still a lot of researching to go on yet. (did i mention I do "due diligence"??)
Pretty fussy when it comes to a car for the Mrs.

I still have to trawl over info, especially from here; as time permits. I was thinking of PT tail lights in the rear guards of my 37 Dodge, still not 100% convinced they'll look right. Only way to tell is either photoshop, or bite the bullet and cut one in for a look.
So I'm keen to meet any other owners in my area (central coast of NSW) so I can have a good gander and a chat about what you like/think could have been done better in your prized rides.
By all means I'm not being judgemental, I just want to see what owners think, not what sellers want to tell me.
Thanks again to all who chimed in.

Cheers, Mudgy
Good Judgement comes from experience....experience comes from bad judgement.
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